Alicia / Senior Stylist

Alicia is sunshine-personified, which every client will understand once they receive hairstyling from her, as she always strives to be a welcoming and friendly hair designer. Alicia’s passion for hairstyling began before her hairstyling career when she became interested in pursuing a job related to her love for following K-Pop artists’ trendy hairstyles and her hobby of designing her friends’ hair.

Since 2013, Alicia has dreamed of becoming a well-established hair designer that many loyal customers love, a dream that started while studying professional hair designing in college back in Korea. Her journey led her to Sydney, Australia, where she worked for seven years before pursuing her goals in Vancouver. Alicia hopes to achieve her dream at Luxor Hair Salon because of its welcoming and friendly colleagues and luxurious ambience. Alicia is multi-skilled, but she is most confident in men’s haircuts, permanent straightening, and digital perms. Alicia enjoys watching Disney movies or playing with her dog in her spare time.