Jang / Senior Stylist

Jang is a very skilled hair designer that will put any concerns to rest with his extensive list of certificates and over 19 years of experience. His hairstyling journey started in 1994 when he received a license in South Korea. Two years later, he was promoted to a designer position and worked as a director at renowned and acclaimed South Korean hair salons, including Hair News, Juno, Park Seungchol Hair, and Lee Chul. His vast hairstyling knowledge will leave you knowing that your hair is in good hands.

Although satisfied with his current knowledge as a hair designer, Jang came to Canada with enthusiasm for starting life anew in a different country, motivated to continue creating beautiful hairstyles. Jang is multi-skilled, but his strengths lie in basic and original haircuts, coloring, and a variety of special perms. Due to his focus on his career, Jang does not currently have a hobby but hopes to find one as he gets used to life in Canada, where he is eager to encounter new challenges.